Hello I'm Emmy

Artist / Illustrator / Tattooist known as Sad in the Garden.

I aim to spread joy, body positivity & mental health awareness through my art.




Art has always been my escape, a way to control my mind through expression and find stillness. My handle @sadinthegarden came from that escape and finding myself in gardens as a place of solace, to try and not feel sad. To escape from bullying, body issues and family trauma. When I turned 18 I couldn’t escape the anxiety and depression anymore, they turned into severe panic attacks. Then one day on my lowest of lows. Laying in the shower just hoping this panic and fear inside of me would go away. 





I suddenly realized that the only person who was going to save me, was myself. It was time to stop escaping and start the journey to healing! I wanted to use my art to hopefully spread happiness, promote body positivity and self esteem. It was time to figure out how to be Happy in the Garden!!



Tattooing had always been a symbol of that for me and made me feel more myself in my body. I wanted to share that feeling so bad. So I picked myself up off of that shower floor and decided to change the course of my life. I quit college not knowing what I was doing or how I was getting there. I just knew I couldn’t be sad in the garden any longer.





After my mom freaked out and came back to earth she turned to me and said, “Well if you’re going to do this, let’s do it. It’s time to follow your dreams.” then she marched me to the tattoo supplies store and said, “I’ll buy you the setup, and you’ll work it off. We have to work for the things we want.”





Over the next years, I practiced daily, drew and drew some more. Tattooed myself and then some crazy supportive people gave me the opportunity to tattoo them. In June of 2020, I decided to go all-in full-time. Since then I’ve been dedicated to learning and improving through the support of all my amazing clients that make me better. 



Everyday I still strive to grow and share my art in healing ways. I continue to work on Happy in the Garden – Creative Care Circle where I share free journal pages monthly, a tool that help me on my healing journey.